galynash (galynash) wrote,

Open Letter to My American Friends:

My dear American friends! I am a Canadian citizen, originally from Ukraine. If you know how you can pass my letter to the American government or mass media, please DO!
Facebook & Twitter Ban Ukrainian bloggers all the time! My accounts were blocked too under false pretexts like publishing "nudity" (?) Do you see ANY nudity here? I don’t either. And because I didn’t remove ‘pictures with nudity’, they blocked my account for good! HOW could I have removed something that was NOT THERE?

The real reason for blocking my account was my banning russian trolls by dozens per day. I had roughly blocked 22 000 russian troll accounts in 2 years I had been with FB.
ARE THESE *AMERICAN* COMPANIES - Facebook & Twitter & Youtube - RUN BY RUSSIANS NOW??? Is the American government aware that American companies IN FACT provide technical means for the russians to spread lies and slander all over the world? Is it??? Shouldn’t Mark Zuckerberg be put to prison for betraying his own country? If this is not treason then I don’t know what is.

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