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I received a fraudulent message about a purchase I did (dated Oct 22, 2018 though today is Oct 21) from somebody I have never heard of, named Spotify Premium.
When I try to fwd their message to report the fraud, it’s not showing, so I made a screen shot of it.

To find out who they were I checked the internet an came across this warning:
A new scam is targeting people by disguising itself as a Spotify email asking you to verify your subscription information after being charged for a year's subscription of Spotify's Premium streaming service.
Potential victims aren't charged for Spotify's Premium service, but may click the link in the email because they're surprised to receive the email.
The link leads you to a fake Apple ID login site that expects you to use your Apple ID credentials.
Once you try to log in, your Apple ID credentials are likely sent to the scammers.

You can get all the info here Scammers have started using a fake Spotify email to steal people’s Apple IDs — here are the red flags to watch out for Oct. 19, 2018

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