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De Niro : "I'm So Offended' By Trump and Republicans"

IMHO this is how every normal person feels! And I agree with Robert De Niro when he says about Republicans "they're going to be "tainted for the rest of their lives" for working with President Trump and they're "making a deal with the devil." = ИМХО Каждый нормальный человек чувствут тоже, что и Роберт де Ниро "Мне стыдно за Трампа и республиканцев. Те, кто работают в администрации Трампа не отмоются от позора до конца своей жизни, тк они согласились на условия дьявола"
De Niro on New Alec Baldwin Show on ABC: 'I'm So Offended' By Trump and Republicans October 15, 2018
Unfortunately the video won't embed😭 So here's a photo

De Niro on New Alec Baldwin Show on ABC: 'I'm So Offended' By Trump and Republicans October 15, 2018
The Alec Baldwin Show officially premiered on ABC Sunday night (after a sneak peek in March) and it went about as I expected. The first guest on the talk show was the actor/liberal political activist Robert De Niro. About half-way through the interview, Baldwin and De Niro launched into an attack on President Trump and Republicans in general, too.
Baldwin began by saying he’s found that his spewing forth with liberal opinions hasn’t always gone over as he hoped and is curious why De Niro has begun speaking out because some actors do not, they let their work speak for itself. De Niro is suffering so greatly from Trump Derangement Syndrome that he is now speaking up about his political opinions because of Trump’s election. Yes, it’s all Trump’s fault.

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